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Thursday, June 3, 2010

PostHeaderIcon WEEKEND! ALMOST AND Show and Tell Friday

I am excited for a few reasons that the weekend is upon us! First, its yard sale time and I am excited to really hopefully get some SPECTACULAR FINDS this weekend! Second, the family is back and ready to go see some DOGS! We have a few Petsmart visits planned with many organizations representing! We are of course, planning to go back to see Cooper(below) again! On a side note, I am so sorry to say that the Golden Retriever rescue still has not called. Its disappointing in so many ways. We truly loved the Goldens and are very disappointed to have not gotten a call back yet. I have emailed them on a few occasions, but nothing from a home evaluator yet. So, the Golden train may pass us by. If ANY of these organizations knew what a SUPERB adoptive family we are, we would be HOUNDED to death. So I am unsure why, we have not had a call back from them yet....never the less, we are VERY excited at this weekends out look!!

i wanted to share a piece I did a few weeks
ago. I got this little table -so cute at a estate sale a few weeks ago....

Just says to me.... Riverside Retreat! Just love this little table!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a fantastic makeover!! I adore that color!!

Bright Side Of The Road said...

Thank you soo much! i love the color too!

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