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Sunday, May 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Just for fun...Blog Party Sunday

I had gotten these shovels for under a dollar at a yard sale last season. Today, I found them in the shed and decided to just have some fun with them. I think they go so cute with the beautiful purple Hydrangea Bush that is coming out!

How about this?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Meet Cooper....

What a wonderful weekend we are having! House and Yard Sales were few and far between today, but we still got a few things. Will share tomorrow! But today, I have a special GEM to show you! We stopped at Petsmart on a whim and sure enough they had the Southside SPCA ( there today with their wonderful adoptable dogs!

Meet Cooper. He is a Corgi mix. We just loved this little guy! He was sweet and kind and loved everyone. Since my husband and kids were not around to see him today, I could not make a decision to adopt him alone. But he is on my HOT LIST along with the beautiful Wagner(below). I already emailed the SPCA and if he is still up for adoption next weekend, we will be taking a second look at him as a family!

Friday, May 28, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Show and Tell Friday

Happy Almost Memorial Day Weekend! yea! In honor of that I would like to share with you my redo of my front porch.
As you can see it was quite a mess with chips and scratches from the kids and dogs going up and down. It had been a few years since I last retouched it. This time we decided to use a deck paint. The Deck paint covered GREAT, I got the
full coverage, not the transparent, and has not chipped at all. I am very happy with the way it came out! What a difference!

In case your wondering.... I did end up painting the white as well, but I never took those photos. So if your thinking that it looks a bit dingy, never fear, I saw that too!

And the finished product

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Dreaming in Golden.....

Update: I have been just waiting by the phone everyday for a Home Evaluator to call me from the Golden Retriever Rescue Foundation. I still love looking through through the web site daily and dreaming of the opportunity coming to meet some of these Goldens. At the moment I am caught up in a Golden named Wagner. I am unsure that we will get him, or even if he will still be available by the time we finish our home evaluation. But I sure am dreaming....
This weekend i am REALLY looking forward to house sales and yard sales..... should be a fabulous holiday weekend!
Monday, May 24, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cane Back Chair-given a new life!

I saw this little gem at a house sale that my 10 year old son and I went too! We were having such a wonderful morning. He even helped me carry it out to my car! It needed a bit of modern TLC and I just LOVE LOVE The way it came out.

From 70's

to Modern CHIC

I am pretty happy with it!
Sunday, May 23, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Beautiful Linx Dresser *reinvented*


Solid Walnut. This dresser was once a gem. I can only imagine the original price of this dresser. We found this little beauty in such a horrible state. The knobs were a complete disaster, beat up and dented. I had to redo all the knobs, it also had a plethora of scratches and burn marks. This little guy really needed a
face lift.

But today he is ready to go to his new home! I am so proud of the way this came out. We will be delivering this little gem to his proud new owner today!

Little hand show the beautiful walnut color under the creamy new white paint. Some new Vintage Bronze style knobs and pulls.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Considering a Golden? But still Missing our Harley

It was a week ago today that we lost our beloved dog Harley of 8 years to seizures. Our family dog of over 8 years, Harley was a joy to our family, like a child to us. Her personality was forever that of a 2 year old. Not a person that met her did not fall in love with her. We adopted her from the Hanover Humane Society at the age of 1 or 2, Harley lived a wonderful life. As my daughter Madison said "she will forever be in our hearts".

At first we did not think that we wanted another dog right away, but after a few days without her smiling face or wagging tail greeting us and her lack of physical presence in the house weighing on us, we decided that it is time to look. Now we have spent some time going over breed types and I know that everyone has their favorite. I am happy to say that I think we have settled on a Golden
Retriever (or mix of). I have heard nothing but the best things about theses beautiful dogs. After looking on (I am a FIRM believer in adoption) we found SEVA GRREAT( my application started and a confirmation from the agency I am so excited to hear back from our home evaluator at this point.
I am excited to start the
adoption process for a GOLDEN! I would like to get a younger Golden, but NOT a puppy.
I hope you will be excited to follow the adoption process of our new dog! I will keep you updated with pictures and the process to come!
Friday, May 21, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Show and Tell Friday

If you are joining us from the Yard Sale Posse Blog welcome! I am excited to have our new store up and running called Bright Side Of The Road. My husband and kids and I were enjoying Mothers Day weekend listening to music and we heard Van Morrisons song and it just stuck! I am excited to share bits and pieces of the furniture we get and how its fabulously recreated!
I love Show and Tell Friday and this Friday I wanted to show you how taking something a bit beat up, and using a little paint can turn it from DULL to fabulous! Check this out: