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Saturday, May 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Considering a Golden? But still Missing our Harley

It was a week ago today that we lost our beloved dog Harley of 8 years to seizures. Our family dog of over 8 years, Harley was a joy to our family, like a child to us. Her personality was forever that of a 2 year old. Not a person that met her did not fall in love with her. We adopted her from the Hanover Humane Society at the age of 1 or 2, Harley lived a wonderful life. As my daughter Madison said "she will forever be in our hearts".

At first we did not think that we wanted another dog right away, but after a few days without her smiling face or wagging tail greeting us and her lack of physical presence in the house weighing on us, we decided that it is time to look. Now we have spent some time going over breed types and I know that everyone has their favorite. I am happy to say that I think we have settled on a Golden
Retriever (or mix of). I have heard nothing but the best things about theses beautiful dogs. After looking on (I am a FIRM believer in adoption) we found SEVA GRREAT( my application started and a confirmation from the agency I am so excited to hear back from our home evaluator at this point.
I am excited to start the
adoption process for a GOLDEN! I would like to get a younger Golden, but NOT a puppy.
I hope you will be excited to follow the adoption process of our new dog! I will keep you updated with pictures and the process to come!


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