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Saturday, June 5, 2010

PostHeaderIcon The DOG Allie

It was most difficult to focus on hunting for bargains when I was so excited about seeing the furry beautiful friends at the adoption locations. It was VERY hot today- 95 degrees! Yard sales were many, but not very plentiful. Few bargains here and there, mostly cool Nicki knacks that I am keeping for myself! :)

About 10:30 I met my husband and we started at
Petco, and then on to Petsmart. We met several organizations such as BARK ( and AARF ( and Henrico Humane Society. At our first stop at Henrico Humane,(
we ran into a beautiful retriever mixed named Allie! She was just sitting in her crate all by herself. No one else around. Once we got her out we could tell that she was very special. She loved my kids and all of us. She was very nice! She seems to have implanted herself in all of our hearts, as we have contacted them to see about seeing her again. (I feel like I am dating!) Except this is harder! Reference checks, job checks, credit checks(only kidding). Maybe we will be seeing Allie in our future?

As you can see, we decided to cool off inside
Petsmart for a bit, when the "kids"(dad included) got a little crazy with the doggie stuff!

meet Allie - lab mix female- . Allie is great! She is housebroken and crate trained, great with all the other animals and absolutely loves kids. She also knows some basic commands. She is ready to be adopted today.

so in summary, ......................i am just in love with them ALL!

SIDE NOTE: the handsome Cooper, below, was adopted TODAY! I was sad since he was on my HOTLIST, but HAPPY to see him get a GREAT home(I even met the couple-they got there before us!)


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