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Sunday, June 13, 2010


I could not wait to post about our weekend. We have met the DOG of our dreams!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOO very excited! Ok, let me back up a bit. We had a whole weekend of dogs planned as you may know. We had a home visit with Allie on Friday night. VERY SWEET dog with LOTS of 8 month old puppy energy. LOVED the kids. Maybe a BIT much for our 9 year old Greyhound BOB. But was still at the top of our list.

Saturday, I was looking forward to the
RAL Adoptathon with over 1o rescue groups attending. It was a wonderful event hosted in the Petsmart parking lot. As soon as we arrived into the thick of things I saw "GREG". You might say it was "love at first site across the parking lot" I did not run over, but continued through the tents. My husband actually got to him before I did, and called me over. I told him, I saw him earlier! Once we got him out of the crate, we knew he was the dog for us. Calm, sweet, gentle, and when he leaned into me and started giving me kisses, I can not describe how my heart melted. I knew we found a LOVE MATCH! We brought Bob down and they were great together!
We were so smitten with "Greg" who we will name BRADY, that after a family lunch discussion we decided to cancel our Sunday appointment with Noah, and adopt BRADY...AKA GREG.
HOWEVER..... THERE IS one more happy ending to the story. Brady has a brother. A beautiful black/grey dog with almond eyes that is JUST as sweet and
gentle as he is. they have been together since birth, as a matter of fact they were in the crate together. The Rescue group, "Houlagans' Rest", asked if we would consider being a foster family for the brother, which we have name "Dillon". My husband and I agreed. We will have say over what wonderful family will get Dillon and be able to work with him until he is adopted. We are DOUBLE EXCITED. I do not have photos of Dillon, but we will very shortly. We hope to have our new boys, by the end of the week. We still have to complete a home visit and the dogs need to finish their vet visits. But we have already started shopping for our new doggie supplies!!!!!!!

arriving at the event

BRADY our first up close look see

HUBBY and Brady, he is trying hard to hold brady still so we could get a photo

MAMAS BOY! (thats me- with NO MAKEUP in 90 degree heat cooling off in Petsmart!)


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